Forged in 2018, our fellowship commenced with the sole purpose of building a simple, watertight festival. Success instantly prompted us to lay down solid foundations for what is today Ezekiel 25:17.

Through 25:17, we aspire to reflect a fine facet of characteristics. Our deepest focus will always be to convey the purest quality of sound to your very delicate ears. That, we will do in never-before-seen locations, dominated by only the coolest vibes.

You’ll find that arousal and exhilaration are the by-products of our exclusivity, categorising our events in the parallel world of boutique festivals. We are convinced that these can be further stimulated by remaining niche-centered.

All seems a bit hipsteryfuckety simple? Too minimalistic, perhaps? Don’t get me wrong, we’re here to rock your world! Ezekiel will bring a fantastic experience to the people. In fact, we are going to make you kiss the sun, so you get to taste the motherfuckin’ rainbow!

What you’ll rapidly realise is that uniqueness and exclusiveness are commonly achieved when ensuring size-regulated crowds in staggering locations. Our events’ true fame can only be understood by those attending, as no description will ever capture their in-depth peculiarity.

That’s about it. Now, how about I give you some homemade fuckoffs, and we’ll see you at the next-best 25:17 gathering.

Till then, tons of love. From the four of us.